Monday, September 30, 2013

So say we all! Skirmish gaming in the BSG universe (Pt. 1)

 I really enjoyed the reboot of Battlestar Galactica (of course when I was in Junior HS, I enjoyed the original too!)  There were many great ground battles fought between the Colonial Marines and the new Cylon toasters (centurions). I would like to create a battle for some far flung listening outpost or some other excuse to fight...

My friends at Rebel Minis have some great figures that I feel would work wonderfully as Fleet Marines. They can be found here. I have only base-coated  these, more to come on those specifically. I think I need to order some more of these as I only have the one pack so far.

While at Historicon this year, I stopped by the Old Glory booth when I saw the magic word "sci-fi" minis...I found these Blue Moon figures to use as Cylons, with some slight modifications and painting wonderfulness...Here they are with only a base-coat and wash. They still need a gloss and highlights as well as an eye located somewhere on the chrome dome!

I still have some work to do (obviously) including the maps for the scenario and some scenery to fight over. Plus, if anyone knows of plans for a Raptor, that would be off to watch some episodes to catch the flavor!  

More to come!

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