Friday, September 20, 2013

1/72 Soviet T-80 (Revell 03104) kit review

Here is another review of 1/72 scale (or if you will 20mm) kit I built for a buddy. The kit is molded in a light tan plastic. I built these while on a business trip to Atlanta.

I have 3 of these in my gaming collection, all built for scenarios in Chechnya. Nick needed 4 built and after 2, I discovered a trick that makes it easier.

The kit has multiple sub assemblies with the most difficult one being the tracks. While that assembly is typical of Revell Germany models, it is fiddly.  As you can see the individual track sections are a bit gappy, but since Nick bases his models, it shouldn't be an issue.

The tracks go together in six areas: bottom piece, diagonal pieces for lower front and back, individual links around the front and back wheels, and finally a long top piece. Maybe this picture will help...

After doing these enough it occurred to me that guessing the exact places to glue some of these pieces wasn't working! I tried gluing the seven other wheels in place, but NOT the drive wheel (the one with the sprockets at the rear of the assembly on each side) until I had lined up the rear diagonal piece onto the gears. That made things much easier.

Gluing the top hull and side skirts into position was very forgiving, as you can see, any mistakes on the upper part of the tracks are covered.

The turret had many smaller sub assemblies the worst of which was the snorkel tube at the rear.

One of the best things about this kit is the mantlet and the barrel assembly which was only 3 pieces, and the whole thing plugged right into the turret. Normally the barrel is a two piece job that has to be glued, and sanded and filled. (UGH!)    Not here.

Overall a fine kit, typical of the Revell AG quality.  Total time: 2.5 hours including drying time. 

Here are some pics of the same kit, finished for Chechnya:


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