Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bunkers, Bunkers, Bunkers!!!

I had a dream, and this dream involved a trip to Fredericksburg, VA in July. Why, do you ask? There can only be one reason...HISTORICON! (cue dramatic music) And, as I have this crazy need to run a game at every convention I go to, (I am seeing a doctor, I promise) I went into crazy construction mode!

I had recently read a book called Blackhorse Riders by Philip Keith. Excellent read about a unit in a bad situation. I decided to use that as a basis for my scenario.

In the book, the assaulting force runs into a log bunker complex, so I needed some of those. I looked around for some economical ones and decided to create some after finding Gunbird's tutorial on Fields of Fire Reloaded (Online forum:

The tutorial was excellent and I was able to create two examples, one large and one smaller. Since I am a caster of parts, I decided to create a mold of these two prototypes:

I live in Denver and am lucky enough to have a place called Reynolds Advanced Materials in town. They have amazing products and some of the most helpful employees I have encountered in the hobby business.

From this mold I was able to cast an additional 30 (and yes, it sucked to be the US player in this scenario with the bunkers two and three rows deep).

It was a matter of painting, texturing, and flocking the mass of resin bunkers you see above.

This is part of the ton of vehicles painted for the scenario

This is the NVA player's view (looking at the Charlie Company forces):

Overall a great scenario, frustrating for both sides. I've run this one now approximately six times and I get mixed results, some overwhelming NVA victories and some US routing the enemy, but always enjoyable.

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  1. Nice to see my tutorial has helped you. It seems to have inspired quite a few, and that makes me smile :)