Tuesday, September 10, 2013

1/72 Trumpeter Kit review

I recently  was asked to put together some Trumpeter kits for a friend. He does Force on Force in 20mm.  I thought a review would be appropriate.  These kits were a joy to assemble, and went together quickly.  The LAV kits given to me came in three varieties: LAV-25, LAV-AT, and LAV-C2 (command and control).

Many of the steps that you complete are similar, and many of the parts, in fact, are used in all three variations. Since these are wargame models and not kits for a diorama or other purpose, I decided to leave out a few parts. Of course, I didn't realize this until after I completed the AT kit as seen below.

There were these little fiddly bits (I think they were torsion bars) attached to the wheels that were incredibly difficult to keep glued in, so I recommend  leaving them off. My friend bases his vehicles on plasticard anyway, so they won't be seen.

This is the LAV-C2 model. All that is needed (besides a killer paint job) are a few antennas.

This LAV-25. The only part missing is the turret basket, which will be replaced by a Black Dog kit...(http://www.blackdog.cz/products/t72/t72001/1.jpg) 

Which allows my friend to make these vehicles look like they are on campaign.

LAV with the AT hammerhead

Rear view

As you can see the instructions are quite simple, with uncomplicated pictures (unlike the ace kits I've done) there just were not all that many detailed parts.  Overall the kits were of moderate to easy difficulty, and moderately decent detail.

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  1. Put together one of the Trumpeter LAV kits...they are awesome