Monday, December 2, 2013

"So say we ALL!" (Skirmish Gaming in the BSG Universe--Part two)

Hello all!

I finally (almost) finished the OPFOR for the Colonial Marines. Of course I had to order more Cylons...20 didn't seem enough, so I doubled that!

The first 20!

The new 20!

There are some that I left with all of the detail on the head, those are the leaders of the five Centurion team. I figured that would be an easy way to differentiate them.

I cut and sanded all the detail off of the head of the bulk of the Centurion heads to allow for the red eye to be painted on the "face". These guys were real easy to paint! 

  1. They are merely primed...
  2. painted a base coat of Game Color Chainmail silver...
  3. then Citadel black washed. 

Close up of one three-man fireteam for use with the GRUNTZ 15mm system...

These guys were all painted and based for an alien planet...the ground cloth I am going to use is the old felt from when we re-felted the pool table, its a maroon color and I have 8 feet of it!

All of the Colonials to face off against the Cylon forces...

This picture shows the size difference (which I believe to be accurate from the show) between the humans and the Centurions.

I'll post some pics when they are totally done!