Friday, September 7, 2012

Tacticon 2012 Force on Force

Tacticon 2012

This was my first convention in quite a while where I was a Game Judge.  I have to say I did miss it.  (The last time I did this was at Historicon in 2007 but that was a whole different game. )

So, why?

Well being a trainer, I am always in front of a group of folks, so that isn't it.  I paint damn near every day, so, no again.  It really appeals to my geeky organizational side.  I loved these things:
  • Design
  • Researching a battle, or topic
  • Painting towards a goal (this required a lot of discipline due to a bit of ADD in my painting concentration!) 


Game one: Friday night

My buddy Nick Johnson ran a British/Taliban scenario which was fun to help with, here are some pics on that one:

Game two: Saturday morning

Chechen Scenario, it was added at the last minute, but no one showed.

Game Three: Saturday afternoon

Take that Hill!  Great scenario using the Twilight:2000 rule set as a scenario setting. I used to love the RPG, so thought it would translate well to a game.  Father/son team kicked some serious butt in this one.

Game Four: Saturday night

Nick did another game where I got to play the Taliban. Almost ran off with 5 Brit bodies, we light them hardcore.

Game Five: Sunday morning

Chechens roughed up the Russians good, but given another two turns the Russians would have taken the Parliment house!

All in all a very busy weekend, but it was worth it.

More to come.


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