Sunday, September 23, 2012

Defiance Games Marines Review (pt 1)

I ordered some of these guys form eBay, after looking at the website (  and have to say they are pretty damn sweet.  They are hard plastic
and in parts: torsos, legs, individual arms and heads.

 As you can see the art looks very similar to the James Cameron movie...
Included in the box is enough to build 24 separate guys, with different weapons and kit.  Also included are bases (24 - 25mm ones) and a unit card.

I will take some close up shots after I start the assembly process! I have no idea what to use for the Opfor, although Defiance has two different sets of bugs coming out early October.  I am thinking a reread of David Gerrold's War against the Chtorr series is in order.  One set looks just like the bugs from that series.

Stay tuned...

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