Thursday, November 14, 2013

Snow Marpat on my Marines!

There are few uniforms as distinctive as the USMC's MARPAT (MARine PATtern, based off of the Canadian Army's CADPAT). It was such a departure from the old Woodland Camo pattern used by the US armed forces for decades before.

I had to paint up a USMC Quick Reaction Force for a Ghengis Con scenario.  It's an arctic scenario, so how do Marines fight in the snow? A little research later, I can tell you the answer is: Snow Marpat!

And one of the best places to do research is a website called  Its a camouflage specific website and they have patterns from all over the world and also into history.

Breaking out my Peter Pig 15mm moderns, I found a squad that would work for me.  It turned out I needed to do a little research on my USMC TO&E.

I decided on snow marpat uniforms, coyote gear, woodland marpat helmet covers, and white snow boots.

Here's the final result:

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