Saturday, October 20, 2012


This group represents about a week's worth of work...

The top left group is Australians, top right is a bunch of NVA, and the main body is US Army soldiers. (Also in the picture is my cup from Rubios-their Tilapia tacos are amazing...and my ipad bag, aka "murse")

The Americans are a mix of Peter Pig, flashpoint, and some Battle Honors, I think. They cleaned up real nice!

Back view of a Peter Pig trooper.

NVA rocket man.

Close up of the NVA two man LMG team.

A not-so-great picture of an Aussie platoon commander.

So, I finally went out to Bass Pro Shop looking for some products for basing. I found a item called: Awesome 'possum natural nymph dubbing. It looks great as some ground clutter and is only $3.49 per pack and I only used a third of the small bag for all the guys you saw in the first pic.

I looked at the MIG weathering powder I am intending to use for my vehicles. There was one especially I purchased called Vietnam Earth. Its a reddish brown color that I was able to match fairly close to a Reaper paint color.

List of materials::

Woodlands Scenics Realistic Water
Reaper paints "oiled leather" base color
White glue (to affix the dubbing)
1/4" flat washers (bases)
Tube dispensed spackle (DAP Drydex ) which is used to fill in the washer around the base of the miniature.

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  1. A week's worth of work?
    Thats a darn good week then! Very nice